Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I know this guy

There are lot of perks about being married, but my favorite one is I do not have people (more like people I hardly know) coming to me and telling about this great guy that would be a good match to me.

I was 20 and an uncle (anyone older than me that I can not address by name), comes over and tells me about a guy.
Uncle: There is a Doctor in my family and we are looking for a girl for him.
me: (shocked this was my first proposal, I'm 20 for crying out loud) I don't wanna get married yet.
Uncle: That is the good thing, by the time it takes him to get to this country, you will be all ready
me: Then I'll marry him when he gets here.
uncle (smiles and walks away).

Never again has he approached me with any guy.

I was 22, there was this guy Binu who used to work with me and then he moved to Boston. One day he calls me from Boston.
Binu: How are you?
Me: (All surprised, its been six months after he left and now he calls me out of the blue): Good, what a nice surprise. It must be so cold in Boston (We were not that great of friends so I didn't know what else to say).
Binu: One of my colleagues, Shiju, is a nice Malayali guy and he is looking to get married.
Me: (Rolling my eyes..not again)This is so strange, I know a guy named Shiju too, who is looking to get married. I think they should meet.
Binu: Oh Come on..
Me: Hey I don't really wanna get married now.
Binu: At least talk to him and you might change your mind.
Me: That's ok Binu I really do not want to. ( I was 2 years older from the previous incident, so was more mature and hence the courteous reply)

Never has Binu called me after that, and what a relief.

I don't know when people see a single girl working, why they think "Oh, she is ready to get married and I know the perfect guy for her". What used to annoy me the most was that my parents never said anything about "we met this guy the other day", then why others.

So these days when I go anywhere, I flaunt my wedding band and Minnu and my beloved Shekar and no one comes to me with "I know this guy...."

I already have my guy and he is the BEST.


kickassso said...

at least you will know when youre gonna get hitched!you must have been getting the "old enough for marriage" vibe for a long time before getting married.. Most guys (at least the ones i know who did get married) are generally enjoying life and having a blast when they find out that their mother has decided its time to end all that and get married:D..OUCH!

Deeps said...

Hehehe. What an excuse!! "Hey me married, so don't come to me with any guys" :-D.

BTW the uncle thing happened to me when I was in high-school!! Woa, I must have been 14 or something. I was doing lots of stuff (just helping around ands scurrying here and there) at my cousin's wedding and an older uncle came and asked me about my details and what I was doing etcetera. I had no clue that it was for marriage purpose!! Later it seems he asked my mom or something (this was for his son)and she said "My daughter's only 14". Thankfully I never did see that guy again. We all did have a nice laugh over it later :-D.

There was this another uncle who I met at a temple through someone. And one day he landed at my house straight and said "There's this neighbour's son I'd like you to meet and blah blah". I was so angry. I was 22 then. Though I served him coffee (my parents were out), I made it really clear that I wasn't interested. I probably was rude, but he never even talked to me again ;-).

So, I guess that is an advantage of being married. And yeah, I love to show off my hubby too :-D.

BTW gal, silver medal to me :).

Rays Of Sun said...

Nice one Thanu!! U know what similar things happen to me:( but, I dont have anything to flaunt...:))
Thankfully, my family never exhibit guys for me:)

silverine said...

Chooooooooo Chweet on that last line muuuuuuuuuah!

rofl answers to the pesky questions. Me going thru same, but only in office as my parents dont bother me like yours did not. So I have written this this old but good one liner on my cubicle board that says : "Single and not ready to mingle ". No kidding!

Sayesha said...

Cool one, Thanu! :)

What's minnu??

Kaala Kavva said...

Oh gosh! You're married!
A friend of mine(25), well established was starting to like you and your blog!


sorry for the cunning laugh!

Rays Of Sun said...

Are you serious?? Thats amazing:)

#Z kid!
Go read Thanu's previous posts:p

Eclectic Blogger said...

Yes, what's Minnu? Some kewl mallu word!? :)

Kaala Kavva said...

i know she's married... i was being sarky

Thanu said...

That wud be bad, if one fine morning dad told me k, we shud get u married. How about next week sound?

Don't we all.
Plus it is not an excuse it’s the reality. People know that, so they do not approach.

$Rays Of Sun
Thanks. Enjoy while it lasts.

$silverine said...

//Chooooooooo Chweet on that last line muuuuuuuuuah!
It’s true, he is the best. For us its not just folks at work, but it ppl at church too. That where I used to get the most "I know this guy"

Thanks you.
//What's minnu??
Minnu is a small pendent, shape of a tear drop, with a cross inscribed on it. It is made of gold and the groom tied it on the bride neck with few threads from shaddi ka jhoda. After few days, we take the the pendent and put it on a gold chain. This becomes our mangal sutra. Now I added a link to minnu so u can read about it more.

$Ze Exaggeratorr
Hehe..U were being sarcastic, b/c I know few girls who are looking.

$Rays Of Sun
U r such a sweetie, responding to comments, and telling guys to back off, she is married.

$Eclectic Blogger
//what's Minnu? Some kewl mallu word!? :)
It is a cool word, now added a link to that word.

Sujith said...

but ur hubby mite also have come by that route, if i am not wrong :p

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some people just love hooking singles up :-). With me, I don't mind being introduced, if I am feeling ready. Ofcourse, making sure that everyone knows there are no "expectations". It's the pressure that could spoil everything...even a nice, new friendship.

Anonymous said...


Ohh I know it happens the other way around too ;).and What is Shekar getting u for Christmas?;) Why all this *SOAP*? ;) *ducks*

Jagan said...

actually ....its just not with girls ...even guys who are in their mid 20s are approached by such "terrorsists" . Me and some of my friends have experienced this :( .drives us crazy .

but wht to do ..we cant flash a wedding thaali or a girl arnd :)

Ginkgo said...

uh oh..
tu bhi na, thanu.. :-)

Thanu said...

Yes he did, but not when I was 20 or 22, but 24. And definitely not through people I barely knew or people who knew me barely.

Would u like someone who barely knew u hooking u up?

Dunno yet, its not c'mas yet. Manasil aayilla *Soap* *duck*- what are those?

I guess u have to go through these till u get a girl.

//tu bhi na, thanu.. :-)
Mai bhi kya?

educatedunemployed said...

HAHAH..so this is an eternal problem.Needless to say of Inidan youth.You bet my parents understand career, exams, waiting for the right man scenario but..others..
So first its when are you getting married.Once that happens ,any good news( children).Once that is achieved..when is the next one due???(loner isn't good no!!!)They don't stop do they???

Hey happy to know you are out of the loop, must be quite nice..:)

Expert Reviewer said...

First time here.. :)
Yeah.. this torture by parents and more from ppl around them.. is unbearable..

kickassso said...

ROFL LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is too too good! Marriage is too much a sticky situation:D!!!!

Thank god I'm far, far,(but not THAT far) away from getting married

And I'm also interested in how this affects what hubby's getting you for christmas;;)

Unknown said...

Make sure Shekar reads this! You're sure to be flooded with whatever you want!

Merry christmas & happy new year!


Ginkgo said...

wutz so big a problem abt that??

Just play along and chg the topic after some time...:-)

unless ofcourse marriage and related words are something u despise and will bring u bad luck if mentioned...

well, now that I knw u r a christian...Merry christmas..:-)

will wish u again for newyear, so that can wait:-)

Thanu said...

I'm visiting my folks for c'mas and I can see our family friends (again not parents) asking me about kids. In Malayalam they say Visheshem vallom undo, which translates to is there any good news. I reply with, yeah life awesome. I got this new job, love it, it is so close to home... yada yada yada..
Then they never ask.

$Sudha Narayanan
Welcome Sudha.
It is unbearable, but I don’t have to go thru it anymore....

Shekar rarely reads my blog. But will update with a post on what I got for C'mas.

Like I said before, Shekar doesn't read, so this has no affect on what he is gonna get me.

Welcome Rashmi.
I think I shud send him the link ;)
Merry C'mas and a happy new year.

The problem is when almost strangers approach me with "I know this perfect guy for you" And I'm like ok "Tell me 5 reasons, why u think he is perfect"

Ginkgo said...


when ppl come to me with that...
I either say I will talk to them and see...or if iIm n a better mood, I say, no problem..but I am looking at a jaguar XK series or a Benz SLK 600 series as a dowry...

and the conversation stops right there:-)

Thanu said...

//I say, no problem..but I am looking at a jaguar XK series or a Benz SLK 600 series as a dowry...

This is exactly my post. The responses I give to these ppl.

Anonymous said...

Thanu..:-) Pata nahi. That sounds a bit dicey :-).

Preethi said...

Oh yes.. I know how it feels when people come to you with proposals...:) They just dont let you enjoy your single status, right?:)