Monday, December 12, 2005


I am not usually big into posting forwards on this blog.

This was an exception. It is just too funny not to share.

Have any of you done something similar on an exam?


Rays Of Sun said...

Hahhaha..Thanu that was so fuuny and cute:)
After a long time, I saw a hypotenuse:D
Ha! I dont think I have done anything of this sort and I so wish I would have:(

Anonymous said...


Goood One Mom's Friend!!I remember another forward about real answer paper from SSLC exams back in Kerala. The question was how Amoeba caught it's prey ? The smartie answered how Amoeba woke up in the darkness of night, heard kutty amoeba's cry of hunger so it went out and caught the prey.It was really hilarious.Would try to email you that.Till then find "x".:P Cheers!!

Thanu said...

We used to be so keen in answering; even our exam papers look very neat and tidy.

I remember that. It came in malayala manorama like 8-10 years ago about all the answers students had written. I remember one about velli kettam and velli errkam. High tide and low tide and someone answered saying, neighbors get in an arguement and build velli (boundary) and when they come to terms they take the velli down.

Sorry guys U need to understand Malayalam to actually get this.

Anonymous said...

Haha that is so funny's one i read somewhere..u probably heard it already..
Q: Name five animals that live in water.
A: 3 frogs and 2 turtles

Thanu said...


I have heard something similar.

Teacher: Name an amphibian.
Student: What is an amphibian?
T: Survive in water and land
S: Buffalo

Teacher didn't want to discourage
T:OK, name an another on
S: Another buffalo

Ginkgo said...

:) rofl..

had a terrible headache since morning..and boy did this post help :-)

Keshi said...

lol seen this one b4 :)


Bhole said...

lol :o)

Kaala Kavva said...

I was wondering how I reached my blog when I entered your address

see this

Eclectic Blogger said...

nice one :)

Arun R said...

Had got this one a few montth ago.

A few days back, I happned to get another forward, an entire answer sheet filled up by an university student of New Zealand for Chemistry. This one was brilliant!!!

Geo said...

Something from one of our Mechanical vivas:

Examiner: How do you start an internal combustion engine?
Student: TrrrRRRRRRRR.....(rising pitch)
Examiner: Stop it!!!!
Student: RRRrrrrr.....(falling pitch)

KJ said...




div said...

hey nice ones.. even i got some forwards like that..really wonder do ppl write all these non sense in exams???

Babumoshayar said...

Thats funny , i had done a similar thing in kindergarden ,she asked me
a for, i said apple then
b for ,i said bhosdi (a bad word in hindi/marathi.)
actually i told this coz she didnt let me go to have lunch as a punishment for homework.

wah re bachpan.

Thanu said...

The laughing increased ur head ache or wiped it away?

Isn't it still funny. I mean it looks so innocent. X is right here. I wud have given 0.5 for making me laugh.

$Bhole said...

$Ze Exaggeratorr!
Posted the same thing same day. Great minds think alike ;)

$Eclectic Blogger
Welcome to my blog. Thanks.

$Arun R
All the things students do.

That was awesome. Shekar is a Mechanical Eng and he loved this joke

HehE, so is that a "Vikram level" joke ROS was referring to?


Haven't see u for a while.

Welcome to my blog. I've never answered anything like this. I know a friend who had to write a page answer for something and in the middle he added Ram ne Ravan ko mara like 2-3 times. He got the paper graded and the teacher didn't even realize.

Rays Of Sun said...

Thats surely was FUNNY!!! Thanu, this is a real bad word in marathi:O that too in KG:O :O

Sayesha said...

HAHAHA! Brilliant!!!!

virdi said...





Adaengappa !! said...

Funny !

I could remember this silly equation during school days:

sin x/ n = 6

Cancel " n " !!

PC said...

That was funny. I heard a simlar one (not from a chain mail). My nephew once asked me "Tell me an animal with tail". It was simple and I said "Cow". He did not agree. I went on telling the names of animals having any thing remotely similar to a tail but he would imediately disagree with me. I was fed up and asked him the answer. "It's a snake. The whole body is the tail". BTW he is just 3 years old.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

i saw this one in another blog,
ameeba eraye pidikkan pokunnathu is a classic one :)

Arun said...

howlarious...should have tried it in my school days.