Wednesday, October 05, 2005

College or Work...

I recently had a conversation with my cousin, who had just graduated college. She was so excited about starting the working world. That is when I thought is Work all that exciting?

I graduated college 3 years ago and have been working since then. But has work been all that fun? Or is work expected to be fun? This led me to make a list.

Things I miss about college...

Vacations - Number of days I did not have to go (choose not to go) to college

Friends – Closeness with friends and meeting them for lunch/breakfast/late night dinners. Staying up with them till wee hours of the morning talking, watching movies.

Schedule – The flexible schedule, like having your first class after noon, or having classes just few days of the week.

Structure – I know what I am doing, where I am going when I am in college.

Food Joints – Favorite little food place that served the best food and was always open when you had a craving for them.

Don’t get be wrong. I also love working. I have been working since I was 16, but real jobs after I graduated. I love what I do, BUT it is not college.


Nandya said...

college is fun any just cant beat grad school life in the US...esp when u have friends around and stuff to do...

Thanu said...

Nandya - Friends are the ones who make college FUN

J'Adore said...

what sucks is when u feel like u have a job that is slowly turning ur brain into mush.... little chance of that in school.

Pramod said...

You will be surprised to see how many people find college absolutely uninteresting for exactly the same reasons as you pointed out.

Just last week - I was attending a management development programme. As part of the leadership development part of the programme, we were asked to work on something called Kirton Adaptor - Innovator inventory. Basically it revealed whether you are an adaptor or an innovator. An adaptor being people who like structure, well defined and so on. Innovators are those who are more risk takers, who come up with non-conventional ideas and so on.

So depending upon what kind of school you go to - and depending on if you are an adaptor or innovator - you might end up with differing views. Same goes for jobs.

Accountants are normally adaptors and ad creators innovators. (google it if you are interested in reading more :-) )

I enjoyed being a student, but mainly for the variety of stuff that I did. I still do quite a lot of stuff - but much limited compared to then. And again I should add I enjoyed studying in France - even in the class I was allowed to be different - and it was even appreciated!!