Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yeh Kya Haal Bana Rakha Hain?

Yesterday evening I was watching TV and I saw Aishwarya Rai in L'Oreal ad. Even tough this as has been out for a while this was the first time I was seeing. This led me to think about the first ad I saw her, it was a Pepsi ad. This got me thinking about all the ads in India. Here are the few ads I remember from when I used to live there

Bororlin - They had this great ad that showed grandmother and grand daughter and played a nice a song, I just remember the ending "Borolin antiseptic cream, Borolin.

Bajaj - Aaj bi, kal bi, kal bi aaj bi. Inn yaadon ka safar ruke na kahin. Hamara Bajaj

Coldarin - Yeh kya haal bana rakha hain? kuch lete kyon nahin? Colderin li?

Dabur amala hair oil - Gane mulayam kale baal, kille kille mathvale baal, Dabur amala kesh thel……….. Cherra kitna kaaz lage

Eggs - Meri jaan meri jaan murgi ke aande, Meri jaan meri jaan murgi ke aande
Sunday ho ya Monday, roz kaaye murgi ke aande.

Glycodin - Naya nau din purana sau din, kaasi ke liye baz glycodin

Hajmola - A little boy is jumping over dirt and an old lady passes by. He gives her hajmola and she jumps with him. Hajmola Candy, jo bi kaaye dost ban jaaye

Hawkins - Hawkins ki seeti baji khushboo hi khusbu phaili mazedaar lazzatdaar khaana hai tayar aji khaana hai tayar... (Neena Gupta stars in this)

Lifebuoy - Tandurusti ki rakshaaa... karta hai Lifebuoy, Lifebuoy hai jahaan...... tandurusti hai wahaan..Lifebuoy

Milk - Doodh doodh doodh doodh, doodh hai wonderful, pi sakthe hain roz glass full.
Doodh mai dalo ice, doodh ban gaya very nice
Piyo daily once or twice, mil jaayega tasty surprise

Nirma - Nirma Nirma, Washing Powder Nirma, Doodh si safedi Nirma se aaye
rangeen kapda bhi khil-khil jaaye, Sabki Pasand Nirmaaaa,
Washing Powder Nirma, NIRMAAAAA!!!!
( a little girl twirls... then she becomes the image on the cover of the washing powder)

Pan Parag - Pan Parag, pan Masala, pan ka swad pan ka Masala, Pan parag. (Shami kappor used to be in this ad)

Pan Pasad -
Girl (angrily): Shaadi!! Aur tumse?? Hmph! Kabhi nahin!!
(eats pan pasand)
Narrator: Pan pasand ghazab ka swaad, ghazab ki mithaas!
Girl (sweetly): Shaadi, aur tumse? Kabhi naeee...

Santoor -
Guy:Excuse me, App kaun se college main padthe hon?
Lady: College aur main, heheh
Kid comes out running "Mommyy"

Vicks - Vicks ki goli lo kech kech door karo

Vicco - Vicco turmeric, nahin cosemetice, vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream.
Jadi buttiyon ko aapna kar, Vicco ne banaya vicco Paste (ting ting - music in background) Vicco powder

And my all time favorite.
This ad came out when the movie Jurassic Park was running.
BPL - Little kid is home and animated dinosaur comes, they make popcorn in microwave, watch TV, popcorn falls on the floor, they vacuum it with vacuum cleaner. All these products are BPL products. The main reason i liked the ad was because it showed all BPL products in one ad. Very creative.

PS: All these ads have been reproduced from memory (from 10 years ago) so they may be incorrect. Please feel free to correct them or even add new ones.


Mr. Quipster said...

hey there. thx for the advice. shall be implemented soon :)

poi said...

how could you forget rasna

that was defi me fav

Thanu said...

Exams kaise ja raha hai?

I don't remember the jingle for rasna ad. I remember there is a mom with a tray of a huge glass of rasna and there is a little girl with 2 pony tails. Buz uthna yaad hai. Post the jingle.

Mr. Quipster said...

puraney zamaney ki ads (considering the pace at which indian advertising has evolved):). indian ads have come a long way. i have clips of few popular ones...dunno if there is any way i can share the files are huge.

Anonymous said...

All the new advertisements in India can be seen at

Found this when I wanted to show the Shahrukh Lux ad to my fiance -- who is a big fan of his.


Jaguu said...

Hmmm Here are Few More..

Palmolive da Jawab Nahin... :D With Kapil Pa's Toothy Grin!!

The Lyril Water fall Girl Ad's no no I didnt sit & wait for that ad to come on ...

The Bombay Dyeing with Karan Kapoor in it.

The Cinthol Talcum Powder ad with Monmon Sen !sigh!..

Do U remember it or I am just too Old?:P


Thanu said...

I've been in US for a while. These were the ads that were running at that time. This blog is not about great indian ads, but about Indian ads that are fresh in my memory after all these years.

kickassso said...

loved those old jingles ...Thank GOD we have cable TV these days and adblock on mozilla:D
i lead a 100% ad free life now!
if only i could filter out the ads in real life:(

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Around 20 years back, in Krishi Darshan, the HMT tractor ad:
"HMT tractor, khush haali ki paigham" or something like that.

Then, the Garden Vareli saree ads with their "Catch Me If You Can" paper slip, and exotic settings (Bali?).

Then "Tandurusti kaa saabun Vigil, parivaar kaa saabun Vigil" set to the tune of "ik pyaar ka nagmaa hai". [I think it was Vigil, could be wrong.]

"Tandurusti ki raksha kartaa hai Lifebuoy, Lifebuoy hai jahaan tandurusti hai wahaan"

silverine said...

Looks like the agencies concerned in creating these ads have created a strong brand recall for you. Which, at the end of the day is what advertising is all about:) I remember some of these ads. The Boroline jingle is ageless and I remember hearing it some years back and my Mom remembers the first time it was aired in the 70's when she was a young girl:)

Arun R said...

U left out a few ones which are still fresh in my mind....

Bajaj Bulbs, with the ad jingle Jab mein chotta baccha tha, badi sharaarat karta tha... meri chori pakdi jaati... roshni ho to bajaj

Cadbury's ad where the girl runs into the cricket ground. I cannot rememebr the jingel rite now.......

virdi said...

you have seen the advert which comes on TV, in India these days, for SURF??

ok explaining...

very cool looking little bro and sister coming back from school... sister trips and falls in a little puddle of water... her dress is dirty and look at her bro and says : bhaiya, dress gandi ho gayi little boy, points to the puddle: isne teri dress gandi ki na?? ruk abhi maza chakhata hoon

he jumps into the little puddle of water and beats the water and has dirt all over his clothes... and shouts, sorry bol !! sorry bol!!

after beating the shit out of the puddle, sorry bol raha hai and gives a big mile... both the bro and sister are happy and return home filled with dirt...

agar daag lagne se kuch aacha hota hai, toh daag aache hain na?? aur daag ke liye Surf Excel hai na

very cool advert..

chech out the Babaj Avenger Advert too... you can see that on the Bajaj Web Site... :-)

and madam that $100 bill was cheapu trick.. :-P


virdi said...

and how can we forget the Kaun Banega Crorepati advert running on TV now...

umeedda se dugna... :-)

aaj bhi hai.. aaj bhi hai pakde umeed ki yeh dori, dont lose hope is the moral of the story... :-)


Thanu said...

The old ads are priceless. You think 10-15 years from now you will remember any of those ads playing now? But you will always remember the girl running into cricket ground with a Dairy Milk in her hand.

$anon - UBN
Thanks for the link. They do have a huge collection.

I remember Palmolive with Kapil Dev- Palmolive ka jawab nahin.
Lyril - Arre yaar who can forget that. First it used to be waterfall, then used to be carwash. Patha nahi aajkal kya hain
I remember Bombay Dyeing with Shekar Kapoor
Cinthol - Doesn't ring a bell.

Ads are fun. I know they are irritating while u are watching ur favorite program, but I like ads. There are some ads, if I hear them on TV I drop what I'm doing and run and come to see them.

HMT, Vareli - don't remember
Vigil - I recall slightly
Lifebuoy - I had that in my blog. U didn't read my blog completely :(

I know, if creator of any of these ads stop by this blog, they will be so proud. Borolin was a great ad. Hopefully they have a great ad these days too.

$arun r
Remember both. Thanks for mentioning the Cadbury's ad. So NICE. (the ad, not the mentioning part)

We have not subscribed to Indian Channels here so haven't seen any of these ad. Bajaj Avenger, I have seen. So many ppl blogged about it so googled it and saw it. Thanks for describing the surf ka and KBC ka ad. Have not seen either of those.

kickassso said...

after beating the shit out of the puddle
that must be one dirty pool:P

Rays Of Sun said...


You forgot about the "Dabur lal dant manjan ad"..:)
and UStad Zakir Husain;s "Are huzoor waah taj boliye"

Deeps said...

Gosh!! You brought back memories :). My favourite which I quote often even now is the Woodwards gripe water one:

"Are kya hua?"
"Bachcha roraha he"
"Tum use woodwards gripe water kyu nahi pilathi? Jub tum bachchi thi, toh me bhi tumhe wohi pilathi thi"

And this repeats with the grandmother also :-D. (Pardon if I have mixed up the words, this is what I remember of it :-D).

Jithu said...

ha ha.. thts a nice effort.. evoking memories of a distant past. :-))

Parth Anand said...

Cool..good rekindled some childhood memories... we use to hum these jingles in school...
remembered some more ads...
Like the Dhara jalebi ad...where the kid leaves home and then raghu kaka brings him back saying his mom has made jalebi...
Also remember the fevicol ads...fevicol ka mazboot jhod hai..tootega nahin..
Also one philips bulb ad..where a guy goes to the astrologer to show his palm and he predicts the future is bright...but the lighting was poor in the background..on switching on the phillips bulb he gets a clearer view and says his future is dark..blackhole..

Ginkgo said...

managed to watch one on SS channel

Pretty simple amazing though..

The ad goes like this..

Guy is preparin for his sem exams and burning the midnight oil and sleeps at the desk..

Itz morning, and he wakes up to someone singing an english song..

He wakes up pleasantly surprised..and all he sees is the maid sweeping..

He gets shocked..
she nochalantly competes the song
finishes sweeping and says " varen thambi"
loosely traslated " im going home"

then comes the real deal for the ad..
the product name, with the background voice saying..easy english speaking course..

kewl aint it

Jaguu said...


Thanu.. You have a response from the IIPM Watchdog on my Blog & ohh yeah You are Tagged by me .. Enjoy ;)Cheers!!

Sayesha said...

Oh GOD!! Amazing, Thanu!!! You just brought back my teenage! I'm getting goosebumps! :)

Sayesha said...

Hey what about that one where the little kid says, "Sab gussa karte hain, main ghar chhodkae ja raha hoon!" That was the cutest ad ever! :D

lash said...

...the tata indica Must Be True ad is really funny..

Rays Of Sun said...

Lol! yes...The 'Dhara'oil ad:-)

Thanu said...

I can't believe I forgot that. Has a picture of our teeth on black board and the teacher goes Yeh hain hamare danthoon ki banavat . I remember Tajs ad too.

I've never heard that in Hindi, I have heard that in Tamil though. I was going to put that in Tamil here but thought no one would understand so didn't.

Evoking memories isn't that always nice

$parth anand
I remember the fevicol ad but not the jalebi and philps ad. I wanna eat Jalebi now.

Wow, great ad. Some people are so creative

I'm getting my list together and will post it soon.

These ads are like a part of our lives. When ever we see them just like old songs we become that little kid.

Not seen that ad. Miss not having Indian channels at home.

Vikram said...


I'm new to your blog. That was a good post on advertisements. I couldn't help noticing the way you alphabetized all the ads. Now I know what you mean by being organized (from your latest post) :D

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Sorry about Lifebuoy; missed it during my first read :( [in emabarrassment, mahout explodes into a thousand pieces]

Thanu said...

Welcome to my blog. I try to alphabetize almost all things. I just do that because it is easier to go back. Only when u pointed it out I realized that it is not a normal thing. My cds in my cd case is alphabetized, my masalas in my kitchen are arranged by frequency of use ... vagera vagera.

Adiyathe pravisham aayathal shemikaam, innium avarthikallu

Rays Of Sun said...

Girl! plz pass on some of your organization skills to me:-) I need it so bad:(((((

!xobile said...

u forgot 2 ads!!

1.saari pe saari.. parag saari...
(this has not been generallised..
for eg. patte pe patta, parag patta)

kisko ?
aapki parkhi nazar aur nirma super.. dono ko!
(amazing!!! ad this was)

kaunquest said...

Great post!... Those were the good old days of doordarshan. Remember this one?
'Ketchup hotha kaDhu bhara
Is mein kaDhu nahin zara..'
Dont remember which Ketchup it was.

Also, there were some with good visual/audio effect, like the Garden Vareli one, with a catchy jingle.

Thanu said...

I'll give a class. 100 bucks. Non refundable. Just kidding, I'll blog about it one day.

I dunnot remember the first one. But the 2nd was with Deepika in it rite?

I don't remember either. Someone else quoted the Garden Vareli one. That must have been good.

Shy said...

jab mein chotta baccha that badi shararat karta that mer chodi pakdi jaatu....

i like such posts.
nice blog.



Kunal Goel said...

excellent! classic post!

educatedunemployed said...

HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAHAH!Oh man, this was awesome..
1.Vijaya butter?gimme gimme gimme vijaya butter..
2.Melody kaho khush ho jao
3.kuch lete kyon nahi, har dard ka tonic Sinkara
4.Aao chale hum leke apni tobo cycle.

Great job thanu..And yeah some one has mentioned the gripe water add..there has a Marathi version to it..I made that a rage in my medical school.It was so hilarious.

Queer said...

Complan ad- Where the little kid takes his mom for a ride in his new bicycle and places his mom's hand on his shoulder.

Don't know what the ad is for - Two old men sitting on a bench. A guy comes and asks them, " ye road kahan jaatha hai". The men say, "Bees saal se isi road mein chal raha hoon. Ye road yahin par hai". then they all laugh. The ad line "Smart, Very smart". I think the ad was for Gems.

Titan - All titan watch ads are good including the music.

Leo coffee ad with arvindswamy:)))

Taj mahal tea - Zakhir hussain.

Surf ultra ad - Dhoondte reh jaoge.

Varun Singh said...

Kya hua?
Bacchi ro rahi thi.
Woodwords (?) de de, wahi to main tujhe deti thi jab tu chhoti thi


Nirav said...

Great post! A couple more which I could recall :

1. The Lalita ji rin ad
2. (Ahem)... mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai... kaise kahoon..

Ambimama said...

Although not a commerical ad film, this one is a good watch

Hari said...


two more that i distinctly remember:
dunlop: A plane with dunlop tires landing with the commentary: "in precisely 5 seconds, tire technology will be put to the ultimate test..."
some shaving cream: can't remember which. but this guy who is asking everyone whether he has tries this shaving cream and then he asks someone with a beard who turns around and asks "me?"

And about borolin, "Kushbudar antiseptic cream borolin", wasn't it?


Shruthi said...

Wow that was fun :)

Swathi said...

thanks for bringing the nostalgic memories of the ads of the bygone days , some more that i remember is :

1.Colgate Ad where Baby Gudu was there and the family gets circled 'ting'

2.Laithaji for Surf

3.Lijat papad with a cartoon character

4.Amul - Utterly Butterly delicious -Amul

5.a very nice ad for Solidaire TV - Solidaire for Sunday movies etc...

6. Rasna ad - 'I love u Rasna' which was telecase just before Spiderman cartoons on Sunday afternoons on DD

7. Onida devil - Neighbours Envy n Owners Pride

guess this is all i remember for now :)

Cool G said...

How about - " La...La la la - LYRIL " with Priety Zinta in watefall.

IndianArchie said...

How could u forget the Rupa underwear ad!! I dont remember the jingle, but it had a girl being harassed by a guy. Then apna hero (wearing a bathrobe) comes running and jumps from a building and then bashes the guy up. His robe falls open to revel the red Rupa Undies!!

Does anyone else remember that ad?

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