Monday, October 24, 2005

Sleeping Place

Last night I couldn't fall asleep right when I hit bed (may be all the self reflecting I did earlier - read my previous post). That is when I went to my sleeping place.

Sleeping Place - is a mental image of a place that I picture myself in. I used to do this since I was a little kid. My sleeping place is still the same as it was back then. My sleeping place doesn't have a name but for blog sake lets call it "Aven". Aven is a completely made up place and I have never been there physically. Aven has huge mountains, full of lush green trees and grass. I'm the only one in whole of Aven. There is a small house in the valley of the mountains. There is a tree in front of the house and I have a hammock tied on it. There are waterfalls near by. I have never seen them but I can hear them all the time from the house. Sometimes I lie in the hammock swinging, or under the tree reading a book, or inside the house painting thing I see around me. And most of the time I'm asleep after this.

Aven works like magic for me every single time. I used to think Aven was my little secret that only I am allowed to go to. Till the other day I was watching Friends and Monica is having a hard time sleeping, and Phoebe tells Monica about Phoebe's sleeping place and it sounded a lot like my Aven.

I was so shocked because I thought I was the only one that had a sleeping place. But now I see Phoebe has a sleeping place, that too very similar to Aven. Nevertheless, Aven is still my sleeping place and it can put me to sleep even to this day.

Am I weird or do you guys have your Aven?


Parth Anand said...

Found it weird when Phoebe described it in that episode of Friends...but it no longer seems weird... :)

Like you I am a friends fan too...

virdi said...

i am second......... :-)


virdi said...

added u... :-)

and yes for me the place i call dreamland is in himalays with misty clouds around... :-)


J'Adore said...

now why didn't i think of that?!

Thanu said...

You don't think it is weird but u do not have one?

Thanks ji.. Aapka bi mountain hain? So cool :)

You should try it works like a charm everytime.

!xobile said...

maybe you're weird... heheh

btw ive never heard sumtn like this before..

just one more thingy..

"Last night I couldn't fall asleep right when I hit bed "

If you cudn't sleep, i dont think it was bed's fault... why'd u hit the poor bed!?

Jaguu said...


And if I have trouble sleeping I just think about my Digital Signal Processing Professor's Class and then I sleep like a baby...:d. Cheers!!

Thanu said...

haha Hit bed, lame joke...

But, my aven is much better than DSP.