Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blogger’s world is a singles world

Recently I have become an avid blog reader. Especially after Google launched blogsearch. I have noticed that most of the blogger’s are single. Don’t get me wrong there are few married ones, but majority are single.

Is it because married people do not have anything blog worthy happening to them, or they just want to share things/feelings/questions/.. to the significant other and not to rest of the world. Or is it that a majority of married people blog as single people to increase the hits to their site due to the universally accepted truth that married people are boring.

This leads to the next question – why do single people blog?

Is it because they are lonely and want to share their feeling with rest of the world? Or is it just a way to keep in touch with friends far away, to keep them posted about what is going on. Or is it just a way to make new friends or even find a life partner.

Just wondering


J'Adore said...

I agree with u that the majority of bloggers are single - perhaps its because this is when ppl have the most time for self reflection?

also most married folks don't have that much free time to spare to those other than their spouse.

Vanathi said...

Unmarried have time to blog.

Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) said...

hey thanu, i also have same the idea that of urs. But i dont think that a married persion did't have time to blog. it is b coz they have hsbnd/wife to share all ther feelings.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi thanu ...

thanx for stopping by ...

i guess itz coz u wanna open up ur mind , but cant due to loads of restrictions ....

Rays Of Sun said...

Hey Thanu,

I guess you are right!Bloggin world is a single's paradise..for the majority part!!

silverine said...

Great question.

I think people blog to use the freedom of expression that blogs provide.

I know lots of married bloggers. I dont think any married bloggers are posing as single to blog. Most of them are quite frank, though they may not refer to their spouses due to privacy reasons.

As a single gal, I blog cos the free speech is so addictive :))

Rays Of Sun said...

Maybe coz, married people have their own things which more than likely are quite private to be discussed on a blog! maybe...

div said...

r u married or a single??

Thanu said...

I agree when a person is single he/she does have time for self reflection

I think everyone has/can find time(for anything) if they put their heart to it.

Feeling is mutual, married ppl have someone to share feelings with

May be married ppl feel restricted about the topics one can blog abt.

$rays of sun
Agreed!!Maybe married ppl think, it is not justice to their spouse to put personal stuff on blogs for other ppl to read.

Don't we all love freedom of speech

Question of the day
Yes, I'm married. :)

Pramod said...

Interesting question isn't it. One reason as vanathi pointed out is that singles have more time (I can vouch for that - as I have been a blogger both sides of that event :-) )

But second I guess its also that as single you are capable of taking bigger risks - so very often married people don't take to blogging as singles does. So unless singles who are already bloggers gets into wedlock - there aren't very many married bloggers. I think its changing as its become more accepted and accessible!

Finally I think single people find it more easy to put "personal" stuff online than married. Married bloggers put lot more non-personal stuff than single bloggers - for obvious reasons I guess (nothing wrong here - you are trying to attract as well, thats the way of life I guess :-)


Thanu said...

// Married bloggers put lot more non-personal stuff than single bloggers

Echo those feelings, u can say that by reading my blog.

The Smiling Girl said...

Well.. All I can say is that singles have more time & freedom to blog and dont mind as to who will read their personal stuff.. but we married people tend to think once or twice before going ahead and writing some real personal stuff...

Apart from that I dont think married people are boring...:).. Atleast I am not.. And neither is my husband..:) (He is a very old blogger!!!) and I can make out that you are also not boring...:)

arun said...

Majority of internet users are single.