Monday, October 17, 2005

Innu Onam annu - Today is Onam

We live a good part of our life based on our memories that we have gathered in yester years. How old should a child be to remember things in his/her adulthood?

My first memory was when was 3 or 4 years old. I was in Kindergarten, and Didi was in 3rd or 4th grade. It was a Monday and I was wearing this white frock that had red strings to tie it over the shoulder. Dad had taken the day off and Didi was off from school. We went to different schools so I had no chutti. As never before dad came during lunch and asked my teacher and took me home. I still today remember standing in front of this scooter excited about getting out of school.

We got home and mom had Vayzha ella (bananna leaves) laid out on the table and lots of dishes. She said monne, Innu Onam annu and we all had a sumptuous Ona sadhya.

After 22 years now, when Onam comes, this memory is still fresh. Since then Onam is not just about Maveli coming, but to me it is about family. Being with loved ones, letting loved ones know you are there for each other.

After all these years, this Onam was the first time I was away from my parents but was with Shekar. I made the Ona sadhya this time and Shekar and I had our first Onam together and that is when I realized that we do have great memories from our past, but we are just moments away from creating new great memories.


Jithu said...

tht was so sweet.. Belated Onasamsakal to u and ur family.. (yes onam oru masathinu munpu aayirunnu) btw for a malayalee everyday is onam.. :-)

Thanu said...

I know onam was like a month ago, and we did celebrate it then, but just thought about posting this today. Missed dad and mom today.

Thanu said...

Just realized u were talking about the title, I titled this blog as that b'coz that is what my mom told me that day.

Jaguu said...

My Mom Has 10 brothers & sisters (Yeah Yeah my Grandparents are awesome ;) ) and add their spouse & 25 cousins I am Blessed with a awesome extended family.What am I getting at? Well just that on Onam day & the first Onam day everyone converges to the Tharavadu as first Onam is my mom's Puranal so the house is full of people & kids of all ages running around.This years Onam is actually one of the very few I have not been home normally I take my yearly vacation around that time.This year around I missed my folks so much but thanks to my friends here I had a good time.I totally agree with U Thanu and I Believe everyday one is with their loved ones is a cause of celebration:) .Cheers!!

Thanu said...

When we are out on our own that is when we miss our parents the most. That is when we realize how much we love them and vice versa

Jaguu said...

Jaggu... Jaguu ..Jagu.. anything is fine.. Like Shakespeare famously said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet."... true but like I said I nowadays smell like Green Tea & Cucumber though.;) Cheers!!

kickassso said...

but evide onam is all commercialized:(
only thing people remember about onam is their bonus and SONY offering 20% off on TV's :|
such has become the fate of the festival of plenty

Thanu said...

Well said about the name. So still applying the lotion every morning? afternoon and evening?

Ivadeum festivals are commercialized. C'mas is all about gifts and sales. But I guess it is upto each individual to keep the spirit of the festival alive.

Jithu said...

yup tht was it.. nw its ok :-)))

Jaguu said...

hmmm Just Morning after the Shower & Night before bed after the shower.. lol I am sure I will soon be Lynched by the Guys:P!! Cheers!!

Rahul said...

i didnt realise u were mallu!!! what wuth all the didi dad and stuff!! anyway! great to hear you had an oanasadya. I missed one badly.....

Thanu said...

Entha mallu's didi ennu vilichude. She is only Didi on blogs I call her chechi :) Sorry u missed onasadhya. NJ shud have mallu associations that celebrat Onam.


hotICE said...

hey.. nice piece on Onam.. reminded me of the festivities back home. I know its way toooooo late but can't stop myself from wishing a belated onashamsakal. its the Mallu thingy u see;-)

came in here through silverin's blog.. nice work in here.. keep it coming.. happy bloggin

Thanu said...

Thanks for the Onam wish. I know it is never too late to wish or celebrate.